Lunch Menu

Monday-Saturday | 10am-8pm

Our lunch menu serves up a various plethora of delicious choices for any appetite. If you crave a burger or a cheesesteak and fries or maybe you're just a soup and salad type of person. This menu is the be all end all of lunch menus. Every cold sandwich, wrap, salad or hot signature sandwich is make fresh to order. I know after looking at the menu you think that it is a major feat in culinary arts that we serve so many different choices and I have news for you. Not only do we serve everything included everyday we also have Specials that rotate daily making sure you never have to eat the same thing twice.

Sunday Brunch Menu

8am-3pm | Sunday

Brunch is like so hip. We like love brunching every Sunday despite the weather or like what happened the night before. These plates are limited to Sunday only. Baguette french toast, eggs benedict, corned beef hash (not from the can) and waffles with fruit and whipped cream topping. Pancakes. Our brunch is a home run. In the warmer months you can sit out side and be waited on by our all star staff and you don't even have to take off your sunglasses! Every plate comes with two heart shaped pancakes because we love you. Don't miss out on this!

Catering Menu

You can order pizza if you like or you can eat some of the best prepared food in Bayonne. Ask around and you'll begin to notice that we're way more that just a sandwich shop. Sure, we serve sandwiches but, have you ever had a four course meal complete with our famous brownies? The day you order catering from Little Food Cafe will not be a day soon forgotten. From fruit and cheese platters to our giant winter salad we'll set up a spread to make you realize what real comfort food is.  Try it out. Give us a call. Or e-mail us on our contact page and leave a brief message.

 Holiday Menu

  Sometimes you don't know how to cook. Sometimes you don't know how to bake. Sometimes you call Little Food Cafe and we take care of everything with a specialized menu

that changes for the holidays. You can sit back and wait for

the doorbell to ring or come pick up delicious dishes catered

 to holiday living! Pick up a pie and some stuffing and

 pawn it off as your own. We won't tell if you don't.

Dinner Menu

4pm-8pm | Monday-Friday

Ma!, The meatloaf! We'll have it now!

After the crowd of children vacate the premises after school we start to serve our slow cooked comfort food. We'll make you a plate of Roasted turkey with mashed potatoes and veggies that will make you rethink comfort food in Bayonne. This menu rotates and includes seafood dishes as well as the four other plates.