This is the Little Food Cafe. We specialize in comfort food and love.

I remember being a kid and walking to the store to get a something small to eat or drink. When I moved to Bayonne I noticed that was missing.

So, with my mother we opened The  Little Food Cafe in 2001.

The neighborhood is important to us. It is because of it that we exist.

The menu is meant to have something for every taste. We serve healthy options as well as not so healthy options. It's an informal formality of sorts.

There is something for all tastes. Let us cater your next event

Our staff is family. Even some of our customers! We have a saying around the cafe and it is "Characters Welcome." We find that people from all walks of life stroll in our door and it's our motto to feed you great dishes.

Our newly renovated dining room has been described as soothing and welcoming, because deep down we are.

Our small cafe has been there for anyone seeking a sandwich or a coffee or a friend and we intend to keep it that way.


 Oh la la!